Where To Get A Whelping Box

Borrow A Whelping Box

The best way to get your first whelping is to borrow one. When a breeder friend doesn't have a litter coming soon, he or she will often be happy to let you use their whelping box. By borrowing a box for your first litter, you can find out what you like or dislike about the design. Then when you have your second litter, you can build or buy one better meets your needs.

Build A Whelping BOx

When you can't borrow a box, you can always build one. Building a box only requires basic carpentry skills. You'll need a power saw, square, plywood, 2X4s, angle brackets and screws. I'm sure that I'm forgetting something but this are the main components.

Below are some links to some free and paid-for whelping box plans available on the Internet. Because I'm not the best carpenter, I normally just follow the plans like these exactly. If you are more skilled than I am, you can use the plans as beginning point for creating a fancy whelping box of your own design.

Dee's Whelping Box (FREE)

Build A Whelping Box (FREE)

Better LCS Whelping Box Plans (Paid For)


Buy A Whelping Box

When you don't have the carpenty skills or the time to build your own whelping box, the next best is to buy a commercial box.

I recommend Rotonics Whelper Helper for small breeds. You can find out more about it at:

Rotonics Whelper Helper 31 x 25 x 12

For medium, large and giant breeds, the Dura-Whelp Box is the best. Please see the following link for more information about this box.

Breeder Base Dura-Whelp Box


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